is this news ????  was it not all public knowledge already !!!!

last week or the week before !!!!  am I losing my mind !!!!

and the spelling !!!! oh my !!!!!

anyway!!!! I just can't help this company anymore!!!!!

question:  have you ever looked at a paper 20$ bill ???

I recognize the Queen"  on the front !!!! but !!!!

is that Teressa Spense on the backside in a canoe

with some friends !!!!! ?

I'm thinkin of movin to another country !!!!!

one that isn't demon possessed !!!!

I'm gettin creeped out thinking that Trudeau could

lead what's left sraight to H____!!! she likes Trudeau !!!!

and he seems to like her !!!! Stephen Harper is the greatest

prime minister this country has ever had in my lifetime !!!!

I'm amazed he even got elected .... like Sun News !!!!

getting on air !!!!!