ya !!!! maybe you're right !!!! I did forget my B's this morning !!!!

I'll take two of them !!! that should do it !!!

now!!!!  here's the thing !!! it is not an argument even !!!!

it's a valid significant point !!!! ie.  you have never heard

anyone at anytime say ....gee I'm so glad I get to work

with the Fn" ok!!!! you might here them say ... gee I'm so

glad I've got the agreement of the Fn" !!!! so they don't

burn my house down !!!! or....    Get what I'm saying now !!!!!

ie.  you pay them first right off the bat !!!!  you train them how

to work !!!! you over pay them for working and give them too

much in benefits !!!! and you never get rid of them !!!!! they

might turn on you without even a moment's notice !!!!

I agree that they aren't all bad !!!! that's for certain !!!!

and I feel extremely bad that they have become like a curse !!!!

because they weren't dealt properly with in the first place !!!!!

and are now out of control !!!! the poor souls !!!! lost !!!!

it's a disgrace really !!!!!  but, for today !!!! where and when

does this end with the HBK.v board !!!! this is total nonsense !!!! another week of this cr -ap !!!!!