TaDa Here I am Cinq. I think Passpot is comparing apples to oranges. Passpot don't compare all of the FN people to the Attiwapiskat nation. There is a questionable situation there as Debeers apparently pays $50 million per year directly to Attiwapiskat. The taxpayers paid $104 million over 6 years. 100 full time jobs are allocated to residents of Attiwapiskat at the mine and look at the conditions they face. Toss in the fact it is all tax free Questions must be answered from the Chief. The FN people on the coast have companys set up and are willing to work hard. The nations that will be involved will prosper and so will HBK. So it might be wise to take a look at the different nations to see which are energetic and which are not before placing them all into one fruit basket. By the way Spartans catch my fancy. lol