Some will understand this, I am not going to rehash it all but here is a brief explanation, based on my DD, of what these insider trades are.

Last Aug (12) Moag was to receive 2 million escrow shares....since HBk and Moag were already re-negotiating the HV and Ireland properties, the 2 million shares were put in trust. These shares are moags as part of HV deal.

Move ahead a few months and the conclusion of the moag/hbk negotiations and we have the two companies parting ways and the remaining 14 million shares in escrow are put back in HBK treasury. (all the nr's on hbk web)

Moag is still listed as insider on sedi. Moag HAD 2 million shares of hbk at .05 value. Moag is trying to close their PP. Could mr.B and mr. J be selling the 2 million shares to put money into moag till since they were unable to raise much mo0ney in their recent pp. I would bet all my shares in HBK on it!

Do your own DD, I do mine!