Logisticsguy we appreciate your posts as nothing nicer then to READ others opinions when your RETIRED,  helping to pass the day. I'm pretty sure that there are other RETIREES on this forum. 4Seas has posted endlessly since his arrival on numerous issues that have occurred, too issues that we might face and tosses in some interesting reading material that is occuring in PR or Kitimat as well. I am sure that he has an invested interest in HBK and hopefully doesn't mind sharing the information that he finds. Now there are numerous others that provide informative posts which I am sure are enjoyed by readers on this forum. Your posts if constructive can be enjoying but the last thing I want to read is negative, bashing insults at any of the recognized posters. Now if you can provide evidence that a poster is an insider and only posts to benefit HBK or HBK is a ruse and we should all beware then by all means post it, if not then I don't think anyone is interested. Lets face it we all want HBK to do well here as if you don't then obviously one is thus only a basher and a question arises, as why the bashing.