Pretty hard to figure that one out as there seem to be a few penny flippers here quite content to make a few hundred dollars. They are in one day and out the other so how would you suggest that be counted. Greg could find out but as I said it changes from day to day. Now that could probably be figured out say, in 4 months time when production begins and money starts flowing. Then my friend we will have a base of very solid holders of HBK. One mans opinion

firebug, thanks for the comments and suggestions. I really do think it would be very telling if we all knew approximately how many HBK shareholders there were. Obviously the more the better for liquidity purposes. I have not bothered to yet find out, but I am sure HBK would certainly know, and they would also certainly know if it is increasing or not at this time. If anyone cares to find out about this I am sure all stockhouse members here would be more than interested.