With the expiring of 7,272,000 warrants tomorrow, Dec.1st, HBK fully diluted will drop from 109,625,499 to 102,353,499 FULLY DILUTED. Now, as I suspect ...HBK and Moag are divorcing so that HBK can finialize financing, we can potentially minus another 14,000,000 in escrow to take us down to:88,353,499 Fully diluted.

This stock is getting tighter and tighter.....tell me were you ever see a micro cap share count decrease!


Capitalization and Financial Information
(as at September 30, 2012)


Issued & Outstanding 80,436,499
Escrowed (14,000,000)
Free Trading 66,436,499
Warrants o/s 22,489,000
Options o/s 6,700,000
Fully Diluted 109,625,499