Don't you think its better that HBK is keeping things close to their chests rather then just put out fluff NR's?

Clearly things are happening behind the scenes and when they conclude an item, like the recent FN agreement, they release it.

We all know that the FN agreement was the major hurdle to proceed so its common sense now to know that permits are being finalized and financing is being finalized. They could not move forward on either of these two things until the FN agreement was in place.

HBK is following the steps in order and yes it takes time but its the correct way to do things. Would you rather they spend capital (shareholders money) all willy nilly or would you like them to do things in chronological order that follows their business plan? I prefer executing a business plan in sequence, as HBK is doing.

Now want to know a real secret?.......One of the largest construction material companies in the world, Heidelberg, was in Prince Rupert last week. They flew in and walked the Ascot property (the smaller neighbouring claim at Swamp Point) Ascot is for sale. If the big H were to buy ascots Swamp P. property.....they would as a first move to take down HBK because......HBK has the FN agreement that took years to secure.

NO ONE else will ever get an agreement to access, mine, barge aggs from Swamp Point but HBK so wether HBK moves ahead in their systematic way alone or they end up in a JV with someone like the big H or big L is something that will ultimately be a win/win for HBK and us....the SHAREHOLDERS!