Only my suspicions but that transaction could have been the beginning of the end of Moag/HBK relationship.

Jones/Moag have been a distraction from the main project, Swamp Point. HBK does not need Moag nor the HV property as the focus is Swamp Point aggs.

I think the dollars that HBK has put into HV is about 1.7 million over the years, IF HBK were to part ways with Moag this money can be used as a tax right off against profits from sale of aggs but more importantly, and something I posted last week, is that HBK overall share count would go down by 16 million shares (about 18% of total outstanding). This 16 million shares are the ones held in escrow and can be cancelled if HBK and Moag walk away from each other.

The gifted shares , to me, was the first step in cleaning up the HBK house, which IMO includes a firing or resignation of Jones in the future.

Just my opnions on Jones/Moag and why HBK does not need either!