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Highbank Resources Ltd V.HBK

Sector: Metals & Mining | Sub-Sector: Industrial Metals & Minerals
Alternate Symbol(s):  HBKRF

Highbank Resources Ltd is engaged in acquisition and exploration of mineral properties in Canada.
Price: $0.305 | Change: $-0.02 | %Change: -6.15%
Volume: 205,416 | Day High/Low: 0.335/0.305 | 52 Week High/Low: 0.38/0.05

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well this has me confused as well , with the timing of the insider selling it gives a bad impression if there is really no immediate news ?? Were the posters not knowingly given a rotten apple to...read more
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The d8 and crushers on site yet , reading past news the are at Houston but another barge load went up since the first barge of the smaller equipment.It will be exciting when its all crushing and...read more
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RE:RE:i just want to be re-assured

I will be keenly interested to see if IMT announces a PP in the next short while at say.... $.10. Think about it. We're being spammed with their I/R people on this board and at home recently. Gary is...read more
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I'm not convinced that management raised expectations as much as numerous posters on this board. Several were talking about BIG NEWS Monday/Tuesday. Will they have to HALT? Well, Monday's gone and...read more
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RE:RE:Silence Is Golden

Lot's of signs to take some prfits while you can!  There are always second chances to buy back in!  rate and reply
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RE:i just want to be re-assured

As an outsider, HBK - nearing production has legs and marketability.  IMT looks like and junior explorer - with a market cap of $5M. Although the nickel outlook is favorable, as is that of copper...read more
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i just want to be re-assured

that someone inside of HBK did not spread any false leads to help rise the stock price for them to sell to invest in another stock they as well have inside status. See where im coming from , i do not...read more
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RE:This board has been invested

Thanks to that tosser Musil  rate and reply
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This board has been invested

with ir people and ir friends/ family of IMT. Pathetic!  rate and reply
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Stop The Whining!!!.......

A few here are crying the blues about Gary Musil ( CFO & Secretarty of HBK and President &CEO of IMT )  . Considering his position on both companies there is no reason why he can't be supportive of...read more
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on a positive note

there must be some info coming out on this fella , last week it was thought Monday or Tuesday , so have some plans changed or is things in blackout for a tad more to dot the i and t  rate and reply
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RE:RE:RE:Not happy gary M.

You've done a good job getting the story out and keep that up But show me the purchase of IMT (not that it matters)  rate and reply
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RE:RE:Not happy gary M.

4p...all their back wages have been paid from recent debentures etc. Now , with production in site he sells to play IMT....thats bs. I also disagree about "stable of properties"....HBK is near...read more
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why would Gary sell just before the big news here ?? hmmm..i don't mind a fella selling when they are inside , but I sure don't like it if they have their focus and efforts elsewhere..i guess maybe he...read more
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RE:Not happy gary M.

Calm down and look at your post from last week on no salaries - all is good - they have been and will continue to nurture and grow a stable of companies - that's the reality of juniors - and...read more
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RE:RE:RE:The board has gone silent.......

opps..we posted at the same time..  rate and reply
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RE:RE:The board has gone silent.......

don't even hear from 4sea's , I bet if I call him a nincompoop he won't even come on here and dress me down and kick my behind...lol....  rate and reply
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Not happy gary M.

Remember Gary is ceo of imt and only cfo of highbank. Maybe he is selling hbk to buy imt like greg and jack are calling and pumping about. Not happy....perhaps the next person we get removed from HBK...read more
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RE:The board has gone silent.......

Thinking the same thing........ Calm before the storm.  rate and reply
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RE:The board has gone silent.......

to much of a chance of insider info leaking out..??..so muzzles put on ????  rate and reply