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Highbank Resources Ltd V.HBK

Sector: Metals & Mining | Sub-Sector: Industrial Metals & Minerals
Alternate Symbol(s):  HBKRF

Highbank Resources Ltd is engaged in acquisition and exploration of mineral properties in Canada.
Price: $0.315 | Change: +$0.01 | %Change: +3.28%
Volume: 265,299 | Day High/Low: 0.315/0.28 | 52 Week High/Low: 0.38/0.05

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3 stars

Sister company

IMT.V with the same management team seeing a Lot of trading happening today....... Over 1 million shares.....  rate and reply
2.5 stars


LOL.  rate and reply
2.5 stars

Prince Rupert housing..preparing for BOOM

http://www.thenorthernview.com/news/268137372.html  rate and reply
2 stars

RE:RE:RE:RE:RE:RE:TY earlyone

Thanks Dennis but with all honesty can you see HBK a failure with all the positive things they have going for them. The only way they could fail that I see is another recession and it looks like clear...read more
3.5 stars


Ever google maps 360Aviations offices off of Highbank web-site #1930 West 16th Vancouver, B.C. Cute....... HOUSE. Quite business like. Good place for executive meetings to promote HBK mining...read more
2.5 stars

RE:RE:RE:RE:RE:TY earlyone

My definition of a Firebug...one who will "Always look on the bright side of life". Wonderful way to live, but don't ya just want to get down and mire in the mud a little. IT can be fun too ya know...read more
2.5 stars

pacific NW LNG article on Lulu island

http://www.thenorthernview.com/news/268137762.html  rate and reply
1 star

RE:RE:RE:RE:TY earlyone

your right firebug , I am going to smell the roses , even though one seemed to grow in manure , this company does have wayyyyyy to much going for it ...  rate and reply
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we all need chasers

so who chased at 0.38? now what? cheers, dave. Recent Trades - Last 10 of 29 Time ET Ex Price Change Volume Buyer...read more
2.5 stars

RE:RE:RE:TY earlyone

Lets have a serious look at HBK now m8magic.  - top notch product. - 1,000,000 ton permit over 4 years. - FN's approval - hot market in PR/Kitimat - $4 million plus in the bank - 2 or 3 interested...read more
2.5 stars

RE:m8..can't speak for others

So that said...barge has come and gone, the germans have come and gone and I think they took that final 1.3 million finance. If true then my theory re: reward as a payment for bringing in the next...read more
3 stars

m8..can't speak for others

...my DD comes from my contacts...none of which work for, consult for are involved with HBK in any way. So that said...barge has come and gone, the germans have come and gone and I think they took...read more
3 stars

RE:RE:TY earlyone

so was he feeding a couple posters hype wrong info to inflate the stock price for his dump ??.Was their even talks with other parties then or was it all lies if their was no blackout. This is kinda...read more
3 stars

RE:TY earlyone

There has not been any Insider buying for IMT recently...... Gary Musil is just taking some off the table after HBK has had a nice run...... It also suggests that insiders are not in a blackout period...read more
2.5 stars

RE:TY earlyone

I get the impression that investors are being encouraged to sell HBK to buy IMT. Just my opinion... why is IMT moving up on such large volume with no news. I own IMT but I am not goign to sell HBK to...read more
3 stars

TY earlyone

Now Vic.....time for you to put a stop to this gary/greg IMT BS....NOW!  rate and reply
5 stars

RE:RE:RE:RE: Patience till Thursday

Gary Musil continues taking profit... http://canadianinsider.com/node/7?menu_tickersearch=Hbk  rate and reply
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RE:RE:RE: Patience till Thursday

I do know what you mean firebug but if that could happen then share price could fall 50% on news / no news too!  Who would you rather be?  Guy breaking even or guy who made a couple bucks?  No risk...read more
2.5 stars

RE:RE: Patience till Thursday

Middleground I have no control over who wants to take profits. I do know that one has to be careful how much one unloads as one doesn't have any idea when the day arrives of a potential sale or JV...read more
5 stars

RE: Patience till Thursday

Ah firebug while you are being patience others are taking profits.  Let me guess Thursday is magic day - better hold on tight while others take profit on second thought!    firebug wrote:     An...read more