That MV Group may be floundering but they have all the eggs now, with only a very little obligation to the public company (GYG).  In my opinion I do not think we have received the final drill results from the Sardine Hill property.  Nor do we know if any work has been started on or done on the remaining propertys.

So think about this.  MV Group spends the money, the majority shareholder, sells off enough shares to get out from having to report anything publically, and then sits on the public company paying only what is needed to get it maintained on the Venture Exchange until the AGM which is only a mere eight to nine months away.  These payments are accured for debt to be later converted to shares after the AGM.  At the AGM they roll the public company back as much as possible.  They now control a very clean public company with a small royalty owing if any of the properties go into production.  And the majority shareholder now holds the title to all properties in a private company.  How sweet is that?

You are right about one thing - this is better than colour TV.