OK I am getting somewhere but still could use some help if anyone can provide some information. I need to confirm but I have heard that 7775458 Canada Inc. - who's directors are  Rob Saltsman  and Martin Bernholtz, Ed Stein - former law firm which is now dissolved ) along with Georox have been served with court ordered mediation dates to settle outstanding debts from the last drill. I was informed that if either of them do not represent themselves they could possibly lose this asset and all their interest in it. ( have not been able to confirm if tht is how it works yet ). The frustrating part is what if this could turn in to a very profitable joint venture with longer life reserves then what were estimated. The hummingbird field is only 16 km's away and that has been producing low steady production for decades.
Is it true that Primrose is operating the well, not distributing productin royalites until debt is settled and is not releasing test data done on well to 7775458 Canada Inc. and Georox until they step up to the plate and pay stated debts owed ?

Come on Georox shareholders - anyone close enough to Burkhardt to discuss and get some answers ? Sure could use some clarification on here.