B2BB wrote:

1. Thanks for all your personal bashing FIXED!Seems jailtraider was right, you mention anything bad in your opinion, "on it seems any bull board", and you are labeled a Basher!!! And you won't find any support for your bashing outrage @ MDL's bull board either, go have a look, everything I said previous to this post 3 months ago is accurate!! maybe have one more, or one less drink before you post!Apology accepted!"

2. "Oh! now I can see the numbers wwwaters! :)AND UP YOURS FIXED!!!"

3. "Well said Fixed, I agree 100%

jj will be saying it's the 4th time soon!"

4. "stockhouse, Fixed now on IGNORE,

No more to say.....goodbye!

Please do the same!"

5. "Some Cleaning up going on now, I have read the last post by you.

Put my swiffer mop to good use and swept you under the mat!

ps: I would check your iggy count now, I believe your comment is now very untrue.

bye bye forever :)"

6. "JT, I was trying to double my position @ 19.5, apparently there was no takers @ that price, might have been my last chance."

7. "advalue, I see the bid/ask @ 36.5, but there is still too much time left until opening bell to call that established. I see GWG @ .45 - .50 before the PEA is released.


8. "These are good thoughts Fixed, but time has passed for that to be possible.

I may be wrong, but they only have "X" amount of time to negociate, before shareholders have to be informed!


9. "Another good point by fixed, slowly everybody is starting to understand!


long GWG"

10. "@ Fixed,

Best post I have read yet today!

Amen bro


11. "I am happy to say house 53 trades @ 22.5 were mine, and I was suprised to see they got filled when I got home, that was the top of my stink bids, probably won't see them again before the PEA release, but if it goes down from that, my many stink bids are waiting to be filled!

Tuesday after close I believe!


12."think of the poor qeeenspawn Fixed,

 11 days from now the Queenspawn will no longer have employment here and will have to know where to go for a job, serving drinks (BEER) (Koolaide for him)rootin tootin rasberry and goofy grape cost money you know!

Wait till his Employer finds out he was buying @ 32 cents instead of focusing on driving the price down further!


Well...that's enough for now...of course there's plenty more from this amateur con. First he slams and supposedly ignores Fixed, then falls in love with him. Same with the Derm, same with me and others. Can you say con or Mr. Credibility for all of his great predictions? Not one was close. HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!