For those of you who are not con artists, allow me to bring something to your attention. I've noticed a few people crying about the sector not following the market.'s because it doesn't represent the market in general. You clowns think you can put REEs in the same class as electronics, cars, food, entertainment, health care, clothing, etc.. Well fools, you're wrong as usual. For example, when I hear about Bokan being "The Billion Dollar Mountain", I have to laugh. That's a billion gross over it's lifespan if it ever proves to be profitable. Know what that represents? PEANUTS! Even 5 billion over it's lifespan is PEANUTS! You guys have no clue as to the difference between revenue and profit. That's why wwwaterhead can so easily fool so many...they're all math, accounting, and business illiterate. He throws a couple of bogus numbers out as bait and the dopes run into the trap full speed. Look around girls and see who's turning a profit in the REE sector besides maybe the Chinese...then get real. HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!