bla bla bla!!!!

getting old and boring as an excuse for your inability to fit in a normal world KingCon!

The biggest Con wrote:

"Here's another thing that's for sure. If you and others would stop making a million bogus excuses why this and other REE companies are taking a bath, and stop the mindless speculating and equally mindless cheerleading when there's nothing to cheer about, just maybe others wouldn't rub salt in your wounds or ridicule every post that you make. You constantly make inaccurate or outright false statements, wild predictions, and provide ridiculous years old links that have no bearing whatsoever on GWG's situation as it relates to reality. Then you have the nerve to cry about your pain and our reaction to your dopey fishing analogies. Try getting real and simply saying "Hey...this stinks, and I may have made a big mistake". Can't speak for others, but I wouldn't have called you a dope and a con. Unfortunately it's way too late for that as you've been at it for a looooong time, and have been just as nasty as those who you chastise. So there!"