What a load of nonsense. The simple fact is that most penny stock "companies" raise money and blow through it without having anything to show except a million bogus excuses why they failed, and many millions of free or cheap shares issued after the IPO. Sound familiar? Get a list of public companies that haven't made a dime in revenue for 3 or more years since their last name change and new stock issuance and maybe you'll wake up.  I've said it before and I'll say it again...there's a whole bunch more money made and lost selling stock than most cheapo stock companies will ever make doing any real business. It's a musical chairs game for adults. The only difference is that at least half of the chairs are removed every time the music starts again....holding the bag or not having a chair are one in the same. You people have no flaming idea if GWG has what it takes to become a profitable company. If the majority of the rest of the world thought so, the stock wouldn't be 25 cents. Yeah I know....you clowns know things that no one else on the planet knows. That's why you're all so rich that you buy penny stocks and pray that one of them turns into a ten bagger, and hold them while they're becoming a ten bagger on the down side from where you first bought in. Of course you get moral support from the other 150 people who are in the same boat. Well ain't that precious! HA HA HA HA HA!