Testing by customers of the produced new flake alloys is taking place at this very time. Once the various flake alloys can be applied to manufacturing as required by Aichi, Vaccumschmelze, etc. then production of flake alloys will be ordered by them and commercially production begins.  The next step would be to find out how much alloys can be produced in a given time for proper scheduling, then customers can be lined up in a meaningful manner. Aichi and Vacuumscmelze would have front cue status as the have an agreement with GWMG for product purchase. Should LCM be able to produce more alloys then contracted additional customers would be able to enter purchase order.

 I sure would like to see the announcement of commercial production soon. That would mean a new revenue stream. I am hopeful it will be during Q1.

Presently its frustrating to be a shareholder as we are anticipating the many processes GWMG is lining up. A lot of work needs to be done to get the wheels turning on all the various processes GWMG is getting involved in. Once the wheels are turning they will be hard to stop, but for now we can only watch and patiently anticipate the steps management is successfully passing.

just a thought, goofy