There isn't much to say that hasn't already been said by the realists here. We had another delay, and the price dropped. Big surprise,right? Now we have another 2 month window in which the new and improved PEA is supposed to be released by the so-called new and improved management whose first major decision was to lessen common shareholder value. Hmmmm. To be fair, it didn't help their newly granted stock options either. Considering that the PEA could be released at any time, the obvious and simple question is whether to buy, sell, or hold. My advice is to do whatever you want. I'm not your father(that I know of). HA HA HA HA HA! Contrary to the secret society pumpers claims, I'm not telling anyone to sell. And unlike Poncho The Wrong, certainly not telling anyone to load up. I'm content to wait for the usual PEA spike(if we ever see it) for the short term. I personally wouldn't sink another penny into this company until I see some proof of what's supposedly going on...period. To me it's that simple. I do know this...I'm out after the PEA regardless of what is or isn't in it. That's a promise. So, pumpers rejoice. You went through all of that private board nonsense for naught, although it did provide some humor to offset the sp disappointment. Not to say that I won't drop in now and then to remind you how wrong you are, which I'm sure will be evident as time passes.