Poncho - Typical February Saturday in Seattle, cool and overcast with some light rain, gives me some time for the Internet today.  I agree with all you say.  My response is, "of course".  I hope it all works out and I still am here with more shares than ever, although I am thinking of selling most soon and would hope to add same number of shares if/when sp dips.  I am going to begin spending less time reading the board and mostly just skim to see if there is some official news or relevant article (group casts a wide net).  I do think that this now very different company in terms of management could hold some new dangers as well as potentials for shareholders and I don't want in any way to be influenced by all the happy talk, which dominates the board once all the mentally ill are put on ignore.  The board Gestalt works in subtle ways that seems to lull folks into an unrealistic sense of bliss and certainty even though this remains a speculative stock.