Poncho - But the entire development going forward is out of your control, as it has been the past.  The future has potential pluses and negatives relative to shareholders.  I think it is incomplete and Polyannish investing to merely repeat ad nauseam the assumed pluses and almost totally ignore the possible negatives.  There are other factors that reinforce my concerns including the addition of board member(s) closely associated with monied takeover.  Also, the sudden departure of Gary and Jim, two "regular" and "honorable" men who probably would not be willing to be a part of shafting shareholders it glaring.  The new Heartland, Big City and Super Greedy has taken over what used to be an honorable and small town operation that was something special   I don't think those in charge now would give a second thought to totally screwing over shareholders if to do so earned them millions of dollars more.  That is how these folks measure their personal success in life, not by building up a baby from the ground floor.  This raw capitalism system is just that, raw.  To assume otherwise if naive and could prove to be very expensive.