-I'm not really too much into all these candlesticks or TA but given it looks like analysts are looking at the under-valued nature of this sector (/buyouts/MCP), yesterdays narrow avoidance of a 'fiscal cliff' and the end to tax loss selling I think we may see a continuation of the buying pattern that this 'candlestick' showed on Monday...  Fingers crossed!


"white marubozu

The white marubozu candle is recognized by its long white body with no shadows on either end. Being an extremely strong bullish candlestick pattern, the day opens and prices continue to go up all day thus forming a long white day with no lower shadow.

The white marubozu pattern simply means that the opening price is equal to the low price of the day. Plus the closing price is equal to the high price of the day. This means that the buyers were controlling the price action from the first trade to the last trade The trend depends a lot on the general picture. A white marubozu may possibly make the first part of a bullish continuation pattern but it may also act as a bearish reversal candlestick pattern."