Weave Jacks recent comments into the mix...... see what you come up with, main points are (paraphrasing here):

1. Any company planning or about to construct a separation plant should pause (to consider new and improved processes, like SPE, see Liftons and Hammons presentation). This is the big one.........it impacts both benefication at the mine and the separation process.   GW has not progressed on either of these facilities. BTW it likely also impacts the environmental studies.

2. Molycorp (maybe Lynas) basically got it wrong. HIs warning to GW.... do not repeat the same mistake!

3. The US needs more attention, think GWTI. Should future GWTI ramp up be included in the PEA along with some other US endeavor, recycling. Not sure about UCU or REE involvement maybe a JV.

4. Grab some popcorn and sit back and wait for the main feature.