Facts101 and wwwater....Apparently there are many who post, and posssibly a lot who don't, but  who read the board, who do not understand the generally stricter standards imposed by Canada on it's exploratory mining community especially.  Australia, the US, and others generally lag in enforcement of their insider and communication rules, and those rules tend to be less strict in the first place.  Plus you have outfit's like MCP who pay writers to pose as independent analysts and publish web based articles and blogs on sites such as Seeking Alpha that are clearly biased and pump pieces, and obviously sponsored by the company being evaluated.  

One of the factors, so far, that has encouraged me to continue to  participate as a shareholder with GWMG is their record of NOT participating in such activities, and following Canada's laws in these matters in all respects that I am aware of.  When they do say something, it is of high credibility, and generally of real import to the company's progress.  They might make we shareholders feel slightly better with a more liberal policy of sharing low and intermediate level information not of "material" value, but I'm comfortable with the conservative policies they have in place regarding PR, based on their record of speaking of real milestones and accomplishments, not pie in the sky, or unfounded optimism.  When there is news, we will hear of it, and it will be significant.  That is their record, and I trust it will be so in the future.