nebbya, how can one not be nervous about GWM at this time?! As far as cutting losses (Mora, and East Rand), as you stated, Jim and Gary are for the most part, gone, without a thorough EXPLANATION of WHY or WHAT we are "transitioning" to?! Some say for the company to "progress to the next level". That may be, however, it would be comforting to KNOW what that is or even means. People can say what they will, imo, GWM's COMMUNICATION, this year at least, has been HORRIBLE, and can only improve from here. Hopefully, we soon learn who is going to be running this show, and what's on the near and long term horizons. HOPING for positive news, but who freakin' knows at this point? The only "movin" I've seen has been Jim and Gary, and yes, that leaves me "shakin", just a bit. Performance should increase the pps, while marching in place with no obviously positive results will likely lead to more floundering, flopping, and perhaps even dropping. Very much hoping for the former.