As always, sorry about the typos, but we get speculation a plenty here, imo, because we've yet to hear much about what is, or is not going on, and how/when things are to proceed, or not. Hopefully, they don't push back warrants further, again. Weren't we supposed to get a "string of positive PR's before Dec 15th (the date for warrants experation, before they were pushed back to January)? Hopefully, GWM actually has something meaningful to say before the new warrants experation date. In fact, it would be very nice if we actually had a real, full time CEO who is responsible for what happens, or doesn't. I'd love to see progress and the goal of profitability achieved, but the last year imo, has been humorous at best, depressing at worst. LOTS of room for improvement, both on a communication and achievement basis imo, Very much looking forward to it.