Another point or points to consider which has not yet been brought up is that the legal "insiders" who would report such transactions are subject to blackout periods similar to the news blackouts pending material announcements, in which they are prohibited from buying/selling by Securities rules to keep them from profiting unfairly from their knowledge.  I believe the current situation waiting for more news of CEO, PEA etc probably have created such a blackout period for some time now.  Perhaps wwwater or others more familiar with the specifics could comment in more detail?

Additionally, like many of us here on the board, insiders, legal and otherwise,  have held quite a lot of shares for quite a long time, and may simply be like many of us, and cannot find much new money to put down, even at these prices.   Quite a number of posters here have said as much over the past few weeks, and I am certainly one of them.