Most of the long term holders here, I believe, are fully committed and do not have additional funds to allocate to buying more GWMG shares (or have reached their maximum allocation to this company and want some balance in their portfolio).  I have been buying heavily this week and picked up over 350k shares under anonymous.  Most of these have been at the ask price at .245 - .255.  It was more important to actually obtain the shares than to try to shave half a cent off the price and risk not filling the orders.  I have just been fortunate that we finally sold our house and I have some capital to play with and invest.


I have spent considerable time thinking through what is happening currently at GWMG, what the near term prospects are, and the long term possibilities.  I do not see a strong realistic downside over a longer term horizon.  Yes, there could be short term setbacks, but this really seems to be a short term wonderful buying opportunity.  The apparent clouds and fuzziness over the company right now will fade away quickly, I believe.  When everyone is scared, buy (after doing some serious thinking and research).


Your question about insider buying is good one.  This has come up in conference calls in the past and Jim bought some shares for his TFSA, I believe after that conference call.  I also recall someone posting here that Dwight informed him that others in the company are buying but are not considered "insiders" and do not have to file consequently.  Dwight falls in this category as I recall.


I would not be worried at this stage.  Volume has been low.  The actualy dollar amount trading per day is remarkably low.  This is why a big move up is quite possible.  I suspect many of the shares on the ask will dry up quickly and disappear once a big move starts.



Nebbya, wwwater, poncho:  with this kind of positive predictions, which I do share for the most part, are any of the board members and believers buying shares? It doesn't look like it judging from what I can see on a couple of brokerage sites which show overwhelming volume of "sale" vs "buy" orders. But I am buying. Other question: I puzzled by the fact no inside trading has taken place or be announced. Why is that? That would be the most encouraging sign yet that something big is about to happen. Would much appreciate if some of you would address these points. Thanks.