- Re todays career posting; "ENGINEERING PROJECT MANAGER: RARE EARTH MINERALS" sparked some interesting speculations; ...many believing it not-to-be "Frontier Rare Earths", because of the references to much travel to China etc etc; ...and because "KORES" (South Korean Gov't); their significant JV partner are considered a Chinese adversary.

- Irregardless of the significant political wranglings between the Chinese and ROW Governments; the Chinese will most likely be providing significant input (expertise & equipment); especially of the higher-return value added variety, which they now strive for; towards the Frontier Rare-earths venture; ... Why? ... because China is where most of this "expertise & equipment" is domiciled !

- Furthermore; Frontier represents a very large rich unexploited rare-earths deposit; conveniently located in S. Africa; where the Chinese have wisely invested significant financial and political capital; to establish good relations in a continent renouned for its' vast mineral resources.

- And while most of the media headlines, remain squarely focused on who controls/owns, the potentially vast resources in and around those tiny disputed shyyte-hawk droppings islands in the South China sea; ...if you scratch beneath those attention-grabbing headlines; you will also find evidence of quiet collaboration, between these so called feuding governments; on many different fronts. Besides; the Chinese are no slouches when it comes to brinkmanship on the international stage !

- So; I do not expect "the development of Zands to be impeded by Governments considered not on good terms with each other" ; ... to the contrary; China will most likely be called in to assist/advance Frontier with their Zandkopsdrift Ree development project; ...and there will be many trips to-and-fro China!  ...Besides; from the Chinese perspective; what better way to "keep tabs on" or "access to sensitive data" on your collaborators/competitors; ...than to be embedded right within the project ??

- For a good relative example of longstanding collaboration between so-called adversarial nations; ...consider those Chinese designed/Chinese built ULVAC vacuum stripcast furnaces currently being supplied to GWMG's Less Common Metals plant in England. If you browse the history of this Chinese company; you will find that it is in fact a long-standing SINO-JAPAN JOINT-VENTURE !