That was in the good old days. GW has unfortunately lost considerable credibility (not bashing) just a reality of late (IR and NR's need help, Dwight should be replaced too IMHO) plus the whole REE sector is at low tide and most REE co's have taken on water and are .....well beached. There has been (and still is) too much talk with no action on all co's fronts. And only dreams have caused sp's to rise and then fall because the reality is so distant. We know this not to the case with GW, but like all the others they;ve had their problems. Only cash from revenues will cause this boat to permanently rise and sail. Only cash will allow bigger investors than us to see and believe that GW as truly different from the others. The PEA will help, but at the end of the day it too is only words and figures of what is planned and might be with regards to revenues,...... not what is.