Fronteir, in partnership with :Korea Resources Corporation ("Kores") is wholly-owned by the Korean government and has a stated objective of becoming a global top 20 mining company by 2020 principally through international investments and joint ventures."
Korea GOVERNMENT owned Kores together with Fronteir  is planning to build their separation plant in Saldanha Bay in the Western Cape Province


Saldanha Bay Rare Earth Separation Plant
Design work for the Saldanha Bay Rare Earth Separation Plant ("SSP") for the PFS has recently been completed.  Mixed rare earth carbonate will be transported from Zandkopsdrift to the SSP, where it will be dissolved in hydrochloric acid into an aqueous solution.  The resultant solution will undergo a multi-stage solvent extraction and stripping process to produce ten separated saleable REOs, from lanthanum to dysprosium, plus yttrium, at purities of between 99% and 99.999%.

Frontier has identified an alternative site for the SSP to that proposed in the PEA.  This site is also located within the proposed industrial development zone at Saldanha Bay, but is better situated in relation to proximity and access to power, water, road and rail, and has been selected as the site on which the SSP will be located.  The site, which is approximately 60 hectares in size, has been secured under option, with exercise of the option by Frontier conditional upon the securing of the requisite planning and permitting for development of the SSP and the provision by the landowner of certain infrastructural upgrades and improvements to the site.

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