Its strange that  the first time i posted here i was attacked for being a basher lol.And now look .Its almost comical except we are losing money on this stock.The pumpers are blind or disbelievers and thats fine but look at the share price,Some posters here run to wwwaters as if he knows all the answers lol.No offense waters but i know you've been posting for years but your credibility went  south with me long ago.I give you full credit with keeping people interested ,even as the share price bottoms though.I cant believe posters would be dumb enough to listen to posters and invest  accordingly....amazing...By the way ive got some good swampland in florida..

This post may offend some people but i dont care,its time people realise what a play this is.Its not a get rich quick stock,and may never be.The outstanding shares at half million is huge so the threat of dilution is scary.Long time management quit...Why??..noone likes uncertainty..Banks are not in the lending mood..especially to junior companies..End of year tax loss selling..and why not??gwg share price has been dropping all year and done nothing to instill confidence except in the most rabid pumpers.

That was the bad news..the good news is aplenty as well,but it wont matter cause by this time ive been put on ignore by hundreds of crazed gwg fans lol.And give old man wwwaters a break he probably has enough  trouble eating his soup with a straw.