Well I wish they would announce it already ...lol...
Great Western CEO’s exit all part of the plan – analyst
While the analyst said it was unlikely that Neo Material CEO Constantine Karayannopoulos, who has agreed to stay on under Molycorp’s ownership, would be potential replacement for Engdahl, some senior officers of the TSX-listed firm may seek to leave, and could take up the job of Great Western CEO.
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GUY2012 - Why did you invest in the company in the first place?  Was it because you wanted to make gains immediately or was it for gains in the long term.  Every resource company is a long term gain unless you play the market.  Have fundamentals changed since you first invested.  Absolutly have since I first invested and am I concerned with the SP now, absolutely not.  Am I losing sleep over the low SP, absolutely not.  Would I like it to see it higher, I would be nuts to say No.  
Yes, I will see it much higher when
1. The approval or rejection of the BAR is announced.  
2. The PEA cannot be announced before the BAR is approved and that will come.  
3. A new CEO will be announced and I believe the selection has been made.  
They may be waiting for the circumstances around the selection to be finalized.  
Those are the three major events that may help to boost the SP to levels we expect it to be. Now if those events don't move the SP then we know something very strange and manipulative is going on.