Preliminary Economic Assessment ("PEA"):
GWMG reports excellent progress on the part of Snowden Mining Industry Consultants Inc. (“Snowden”), the independent contractor working on the up-date of the resource calculation and completion of the PEA within the previously stated time target of the 4th Quarter of 2012. The Company looks forward to the release of the PEA as an opportunity to communicate confirmation of its capital expenditure projections for the Steenkampskraal operation, financial projections for its fully integrated "Mines-to-Metals" business model and key elements of the Company’s operations going forward.

Separation Facility is part of the Mines-to-Metals business model.

Much of what you identified as needing to be addressed will be in the PEA e.g. capex, opex, etc. - on the issue of GQD, there is nothing that has gone sideways despite not being included in the last corp update