stking64 - My previous profession as an analyst, estimater and forecaster,  I have applied that experience in researching cost analysis, future forecasting both in operating and capital costs.  My numbers will be relatively close to the anticipated PEA.  I have had requests from a large group of renowned analysts as far away as Australia wanting copies of my Forecasted Earnings and there are several on this forum who also have experience in accounting and financial analysis.  It does take a large amount of research in determining costs particularly when you do not have any reference to rare earth operations outside of China.  In the next 4 to 5 years there will be several operations that you can reference in acquiring that type of data.  Currently there is none and it is a matter of applying various scenario in forecasting a cost of operation per tonne.  Using the current costs for base and precious metals is a start but is not comparative as rare earth processing right after mining is totally more complex.