This is one of reasons that I do not have any MCP shares: MCP will be very difficult to competed with Baotou Steel Rare Earth that is the largest company in the world providing light rare earth products. The operating cost of price from

As we know to get  rare earth oxides should be: mining-->crushing-->milling-->leaching-->separation-->..., For Baotou Steel Rare Earth, the majority of rare earth  are the byproduct from the Bayan-Obo iron ore mine in Inner Mongolia. Baotou Steel Corp owns Bayan-Obo iron ore mine and also is the biggest share holder of Baotou Steel Rare Earth. Baotou Steel Rare Earth can get very cheap concentrate ore(I don't know the detail grade of rare earth)from Baotou Steel. Last year the price should be less than $3 per ton. So how can MCP can compete with it. 

I believe Chinese government will open to the light rare earth metals to outside and probid heavy rare earth metals(includ Nd).