Candysamples is another unhappy ORT investor who holds Hykawy responsible for their share price crash. Him and clubnut vent here everytime ORT has another bad day, ah who am I kidding every day for weeks has been bad for ORT.


I find it amusing how people on both the ORT and GWG boards enjoy bashing one another. I happen to own both stocks as two of my three major holdings in my TFSA and RRSP. I do believe that both have  plenty of upside ahead of them, at least I hope they do. And I don't get the back-and-forth bashing. 

At the risk of getting more people ignoring me :), I must say that I see much more upside in Orbite (at least in the short term). What they are doing in Quebec is nothing short of outstanding.

I will continue to hold GWG and Orbite in about equal amounts along with Sandstorm Gold. I think we can all get rich together. At least I hope so. 

just my two cents. Cheers.