JT. GWG doesn't need anyone to process. They can do that themselves. If an acquisition/merger were to happen, my guess is that it would be acquisition of mines. GWG has everything else and even including mines however more is always good too. GWG can generate new income from processing other company's rare earths. They are a bundle of revenue! If I were Molycorp, I'd sure want to talk to them again. Acquisitions are financed in so many different forms. (monetary plans, shares etc). It'll be interesting to see what the new guys bring to the table. My guess is that we already have new directors but they can't be named yet or we might piece the puzzle together and I think there's SEC compliance rules as well. Again, I'm only thinking out loud. I'm anxious to see what the new boys (directors) bring to the table but most of all, I want to see green lol. As long as it's in our favour, I'm open minded about change.>