Want to talk a bit about  what I'm expecting to happen soon with GWMG and what I see as happening right now in the REE sector. After following this sector for the last couple years I always thought that GWMG's vertical integration model was the best strategy in the Rare Earth industry. I have also thought that it would all boil down to who will actually produce the rare earth elements from the ground... up... through the rare earth supply chain ...to the end user. For GWMG it will be the customers that LCM and GWTI supply. This last step... the mine to separation phase are the only links that are missing to complete their supply chain. This will set the gears in motion and propel GWMG to the head of the line. GWMG in my opinion will now not only be at the head of the line but they will set themselves at the top of the food chain. What does it mean to be at the top of the food chain? Nothing else will eat you. It is a general term to say you are the most powerful...This is what is it is all about and why GWMG is sort of silently stalking its way towards being the first mover in the indust...ree...lol...while also being careful not to wake up any sleeping giants that could alarm these supposedly existing heads of the REE sector it is stalking, therefore it is wise as they say "to let sleeping giants ly" or should I say  lie...lol... If they knew the young nomad GWMG has become strong enough to take over the REE pride they might panic and ruin the element of suprise. What is happening behind the scenes is the soon to be king getting ready to claim the entire REE pride. GWMG suddenly/seemingly appearing from out of nowhere, hidden in the underbrush of the REE world jumps out to claim it's pride. Those caught unaware will flock to the stock..lol...and those who do not will either become part of the pride or will be victims of their  own foolish pride.... lol...Anyone who dosen't see this coming is a fool or just plain blind..
Yes I do see this coming  and when it happens you too will be one who can either join the pride or become a victim of your own...lol...
O.K. now lastly and most importantly you have to be a producer.......
What does producer mean in a food chain?
'Producers' are suppliers of the food chain.
in other words.....lol.....
Producers generate their own food and are not dependent on others.
This is Fixed..live from the GWMG train...reporting it like I see it from the seat with a view...
Chucka Chucka...Chucka Chucka...Choo...Choo...lol...
(November 21, 2012) - Saskatoon, Canada: Great Western Minerals Group Ltd. ("GWMG" or the "Company", TSX:V - GWG) today announced the resignations of three long-standing Company directors, Gary Billingsley, Jim Engdahl and Bill McKnight. Mr. Billingsley and Mr. Engdahl remain available to the Company on an "as required" consulting basis to ensure their expertise can be accessed by GWMG through the transition.
the company is transitioning from being an exploration firm to a producer.
Korn/Ferry, active on behalf of GWG has also put forward recommendations for board members. 
A number of strong candidates have been, we are told, identified and may be unveiled between now and early 2013. 
We would look to end-user and possibly even GWG customer involvement at the board level as a positive development.
We anticipate a recognizable and solid CEO to be named at GWG
PEA will be released prior to the expiration of warrants that were previously extended to December 15. 
PEA incorporates the impact of a mine-to-market model, 
we expect the economics to be robust. 
Investors should be given the opportunity to consider the PEA prior to making their decision on the exercise of the warrants.
GWG is staging a tour of the new Less Common Metals facility in Birkinhead, England on November 29. 
We expect a number of analysts and investors to participate, with some positive sentiment emerging from the event. 
Conclusion: New industry-related directors, progress on the CEO search, the release of a robust PEA and evidence of progress in operations at GWG would all be positive. 
interviews of Jason Burack with Jon Hykawy and Luisa Moreno ? 
It was Jason Burack who told her after the interview how important LCM for GWMG is.
Quote: "I spoke to her off recording about GWG and MCP. She was shocked when I told her I think LCM is worth more than GWG's total market cap in my opinion."
August 22, 2012 – 10:00 a.m. E.T.
the process to upgrade our board to where we have to go is definitely underway 
 the search for the parties that will strengthen our board is well underway.
 some of our directors that have been on the board for some time are very willing to step aside for those parties. 
So we have no intention at this point to increase the number on the board
we certainly have every intention to upgrade in terms of some of the shortcomings we do have on the board.
That’ll really depends on independent requirements and whatever listings or exchanges
we’re on.
That quite often dictates the number of directors you have.
if you’re on a bigger board than the Venture Exchange, you require a majority of independent directors.
there is a balance,
an imbalance that has to be looked at,
as well as the specifics of each director to be able to add to that situation. 
So yes, we fully intend on keeping them to a minimum.
Whether it’s seven or eight or six, that’ll all be dictated by those factors that I just mentioned.
Will Smith:Okay. And bearing in mind, Jim, this is a company whose axis of operations is now in South
Africa and Liverpool, are there any intentions to move to an international city perhaps, like Toronto,
to headquarter this company?
Jim Engdahl:That’ll be a more appropriate question to the new CEO when he comes in place. But at the
moment, no, there isn’t any
If we go to, or if they go to the major international search firm, that could take a little bit longer,
 you could probably find out from search firms how long it takes to find that.
But my guess, it would be somewhere north of three months to accomplish a completed CEO search of – and I don't say this in an arrogant way – but a very complex company.