Thank you for the clarification neon. Makes sense. Thank you wwwater for the links. Strikin...I'm referring to the Chinese amalgamation of illegal and legal ree's joining forces and thinking that maybe GQD could somehow become involved? Just thinking out loud here. Stockhouse45. I've made money and lost money in the stock market. When I lost, I decided that I should learn more about trading and I did. I learned how to be aware of scams, how to distinguish facts from 'pretty wording' in news releases and so much more. I am familiar with the risks of any company I invest in. As a matter of fact, I invested in a company whereby I had the same info that insiders had and guess what? I lost on it. The company fell hard because one of the directors decided to market their new technology prematurely. That market wasn't ready for it. Anyway, it's a long story. My point is that risk is everywhere and I am well aware of it. GWG's business model is probably the most fundamentally solid, growing, mining sector (they are more than that) company I've invested in. Now we have new management. Yes, things can change now but the fact remains that GWG is valuable in the industry. Mines are many, experts are few, full integration (outside of China) is NIL. If someone needs us, I hope new management makes them pay big bucks for it.I hope they will do right by Gary and Jim so that their names, along with Kennedy are read years to come as the founders of the biggest REE enterprise in the world. >