Why should anyone be surprised that the SP continues to tank? When Management made it clear during the last Conference Call that they were going to save capital and reduce expenses, the message couldn't have been clearer. There is nothing to be expected in the current environment until buyers, including the Japanese and Germans, feel that the pressure in on to buy, and we are nowhere near that point. Why should they? Markets in the REE have plenty of cheap supplies, and if the Japanese can't buy from China directly, they can always buy from a third party, so the Japanese fear of China we have so often talk about is only relative. The only question that matters now is: Can GWG survive long enough to still be around when the market picks up? The industry fundamental and the relative edge that GWG has over any competitor remain valid, but for how long? Capital preservation is the key . . . just as management told us. One way for management to convince us that they believe in their own future would be for them to buy shares on the open market. That would definitely be a solid and permanent signal to investors. Why don't they? I don't know. But one thing is clear: DeVier and Co. have told us in their own way that it's going to be a trench war with no dramatic victory in the near term. My advice: SP is too low to sell now for those who invested at $0.40/share If you bought say, below 0.25, get out now. Personally, I am anchoring down. >