PerfestSense---It looks like at least 4 different entities were involved in the 4 trades during the last minute and had a combined volume of 20,000 shares.  I have been completely out of GWMG since .135/.14 (about a wash) and come back every three of four days to see if anything has happened.  I am thinking it could be perhaps another year before any definitive news is heard re. financing.  One of my main reasons for selling my last shares was because of what appears to have been a deal between a shelf company (look up on Wikipedia if not familiar with) and GWMG for the valuable Hoidas property.  They operate for what I believe is a 450 square foot "corporate headquarters" office (inside office with no outside window) in the high rise associated with Saskatoon's big, downtown shopping center.  Not exactly Bay Street.  I bet the office is empty except for a telephone on the floor from which calls are forwarded to an answering service.  Just got to be too cute and too sleazy for my money.