Level 2 book orders would mean that if a buyer wants $ 300,000 dollars in GWG shares...he will need to bring up 38% the current share price. He will have to buy all the orders that are being offered there.
That will mean that the market cap of GWG will go from $56 M up to $ 80 M using just $ 300,000 dollars. The opposite have being done using much less money than that (check the traded volume on the down trend)
What i'm trying to say is that with a very low traded volume the price is being driven down by ?????.
But if buyers finally decide to jump in, what will happen to the share price? Think about a buyer with just $ 1 million...at what price he will complete an order for 7,000,000 million shares of GWG?
AND WHAT HAPPENED AT THE BELL at 3:59 p.m. wth $ 20,000 shares GWG is worth $ 2,000,000 million dollars less than yesterday. FUNNY, very Funny!!!!!!