The Dopinator wrote: "Every visionary who ever took a chance got laughed at by losers like you and believe me, you ain't sharp enough to shake my resolve."

Oh you're a visionary! HA HA HA HA HA HA HA! Better get some glasses. So, now it's 350,000 shares?'re in a bigger hole than I had thought. No wonder you're breaking out in hives. I suppose if you're gonna lose you may as well lose big...the sign of a true gambler. Bravo! As I said before, you're a lot more of a gambler than investor. Not to mention that anyone naive enough to still believe that michelle trash mouth is a woman would also buy a hundred dry oil wells from a used car salesman. HA HA HA HA HA HA HA! There's one thing for sure...companies can technically exist for decades without bringing in a penny in revenue, so you'll be able to spew nonsense about being rich some day in the future as long as the stock is listed, but I know it'll never happen. You should include a disclaimer on every post such as this: 

The content in this post is nothing more than than the opinion(s) of a confirmed loser who is unable to validate any claims or projections that may be made. In the interest of full disclosure I own 350,000 shares of Ucore that I'm losing my shirt on. I haven't made one accurate call in over a year of posting the nonsense that I'm famous for. The dent in my forehead is not a birth defect, but the result of banging my head against a wall every time KB proves me to be wrong or a liar.