Well folks, a quick glance at the share price tells today's story(note correct use of apostrophe). As a very wise fellow predicted, the much anticipated(by the losers) conference call did little to hold the lofty 16 cent mark. It would appear quite the contrary. The regular group of con artists/losers continue to try to convince someone or anyone(new potential suckers....oops...I mean investors) that things are just peachy keen in GWG land and the REE sector in general. Langstrumpf(aka Colonel Klink) is making more regular visits to try to help the cons save face after yours truly single-handedly repels each poorly planned and executed girly-man onslaught. Michelleb33(or more accurately Michellebaphony) is fast on her way to setting a record in the category  "Wrong predictions by a new con artist". She's the current favorite to take an Oscar at this year's Slimy Cons Awards rumored to be held in Vancouver. As Friday the cop always said: "Just the facts ma'am...just the facts." HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!