Fixed, there is a cure for ignorance, it's called education.
Yes and it would be a good idea if you got one...
However, despite being led to water, you refuse to drink, continuing in your torturing of common, every day, expressions.
No thanks you go ahead Wwwaters jr...drink it all
If you want to take a good look at someone whom you make to look like a FOOL, on a daily basis, you need only go look in a mirror, he's staring right back at you.
Good one, never heard that one before see your new friend KB is rubbing off on you...HA HA HA ...
But cut, paste, dodge specific questions,
The stupid questions you want me to answer would be better answered by GWMG but you won't go there will you. Know you are smarter than that you would rather get your concerns answered by posters on this board ... Whatever... do what you want... bless your heart
say a lot of words without really saying anything,
Oh oh oh now you have no equals when it comes to that ...HA HA HA ...LOL...really?
it's what you do best, 
I am not nearly as good at it as you...
well, in addition to poor gramar, and incorrect use of phrases
I get my point across just fine...Einstein...You and KB should compete in  a spelling bee the winner gets an award .....the nobody cares
. :/ Go Vikes! 
You should not be allowed to call yourself a Vikings fan