@Spring - The amount paid for leases for a specific location depends on multiple factors, such as price for real state in that location, type of real state, other.  Regardless of the amount, the price will be high if the company pays for something that is not justified.  According to some reports the company has a total of 85 full time employees.  I am assuming that 80% (68 employees) or more of these employees will/should be working directly at locations directly related with production (LCM, Steens and GWTI).  Here I am making an assumption that the company has an overhead of 20% in management which is probably too high or the company has a major problem.  This leaves around 12 employees working in management positions.

From these 12 employees I am assuming that 50% are upper management (most of the upper management is not located in Saskatoon) which will leave around 6 employees in other supporting positions at the head office.  So the question is 30k to support a head office on a monthly basis, is this too much?  In my mind the answer is yes.  I do not see why the company cannot save this money and temporary use of the production locations as head office and/or use a more modest office space until the company's situation changes.

I just do not see the purpose of all this overhead when investors are not even informed on a properly timely and professional manner.