In response to a question from another poster on the ADULT board, I today posted:

realy - Yes, I do stick by my predicted sp of .23 if the financials are released tomorrow morning and PROVIDED the company doesn't take what has been its typical minimalist approach to news releases.  If they tout the company's unique story and how this helps to more clearly show that GWM primarily is a manufacturer of rare earth metals/alloys, unlike all the other ree juniors.   Also need to point out that another furnace already has arrived with important modifications that will make it operate better and speed up its installation and production before the end of the quarter.  In other words, just do what just about every other company does with a news release and we just could break this progression of lower highs and lower lows and begin to move back up to at least logical share prices. Only time will tell.

A sp rise to .23 cents isn't very significant given where the sp has been even recently: