MESSAGE POSTED by The_Derminator2
Nixed: Great Western licks China's boots and you think it's a good idea. You even posted that drivel three times. You better lay off the  sauce fella.
Germ,  the third times the figured it'd take you and your Clown King that many times to understand that China leads the world.... wait they are the world supply of separated REE's and I guess that means GQD knows more about separating Monazite then you, the Clown and Jack combined. Should get off the Clowns lap and out of the nutshell once in a while  HA HA HA... There is a real world outside your shell and the Chinese are the experts in the REE separation technology that actually produces real ree separated oxides. GWGQD will be also producing these from the Steen monazite before you or the Clown or Jack know it.