...This company has had trouble meeting timelines but the new CEO should change that. He can blame the last PEA delay on the old regime. But he was CEO when the new date of March 31 was set (in slang terrms he "owns" that date). If GWG makes that date we may have the right CEO. If not it is the same old story. It would even be more impressive if the PEA could be released before March 31 rather than waiting until the last moment like a student turning in a term paper.

...What seems to be happening is that GWG is letting the search for perfection get in the way of the good. It has enough land to explore for the next 10 years to increase reserves. So, if it wants it can delay essentially forever. Hopefully Levier understands that it is time to move on. Besides, GWG can say that the PEA can be updated as appropriate. My hope is that Levier will beat the deadline by a week. March 24. A Sunday evening present to us.